Morris Cerullo's Ministry Letter

Partner Ministry Letter

This Passover chalice represents one thing …

… this Passover, April 18, is your prophetic, appointed time for deliverance. God is about to move in your life in such an incredible way that you will hardly believe your eyes!

Dear Partner,

Seven Miracles of Passover are here for you ... and I want to place this beautiful, silver-plated Passover chalice into your hands to commemorate your Passover 2014 breakthrough!

God has given me a very specific word for you this Passover season:

“Now is My time to bring My people into an unprecedented
season of
blessing, provision, and deliverance
from every situation
that has ever held them back.”

No matter what setbacks and challenges the devil has thrown at you this past year ... no matter what limitations you have experienced because of financial lack, physical needs, or family relationships ...

This Passover, April 18, is your time to receive seven miracle promises from God!

Passover means deliverance. You are going to come out of Egypt—bondage—into your Promised Land. The devil can't hold you down.

God has ordained seven 7 Passover promises for you:

1.   Angelic intervention (Exodus 23:20.)
2.   Divine guidance (Exodus 23:20.)
3.   Destruction of your adversaries (Exodus 23:22.)
4.   Miraculous financial breakthrough (Exodus 23:25.)
5.   Miracle healing and health (Exodus 23:25.)
6.   Increased territory (Exodus 23:30.)
7.   Your Promised Land inheritance (Exodus 23:30.)

The key to receiving your Passover miracle is obeying the Word of the Lord through His servant.

Each family must sacrifice a lamb!

It will be a lamb without blemish (Exodus 12:5).

This seed-offering of a perfect lamb will represent your complete trust in God to provide for you and to sustain you on an incredible journey of miracles into your Promised Land.


On Good Friday, April 18, our Passover Miracle Service will be broadcast LIVE, from Mexico. Together with tens of thousands of believers around the world, we will release our faith and receive—through God's prophet—the Seven Passover Miracle breakthroughs that you need!

God is going to do something for you, JohnandMaryLongerName, that He has never done before! Your deliverance is here ... your healing is here ...

Right now, you are standing on the edge of financial breakthrough and restored relationships. Whatever you need, God is here to meet your greatest need this Passover season!

Through the SEVEN PASSOVER MIRACLES, God is about to intervene in your personal circumstances to bring about such supernatural BLESSING that you will know, beyond a shadow of doubt, that your miracle came straight from the heart of God.

Now, as a prophet of God, I urge you to let God lead
you in your giving and in your receiving.

Partner, I want to send you this beautiful, Passover chalice. This chalice which will be personalized with your name!

This unique, silver-plated chalice is fashioned after the kind Jesus would have used when He ate the Passover with His disciples!

Your Passover offering and your prayer requests will be your point of contact to receive the Seven Miracles of Passover that God has promised for you.

Rush me your very best Passover offering of $77 or more today to receive your Passover gift. God may speak to you to give $777, $107 or $207. Whatever it is, obey the Lord.

  Sow Today!  

Morris Cerullo


Believe God that you are going to experience the Seven Miracles of Passover as you step out in faith today!

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